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Introducing The Designer's Blog - All About Renovation in Singapore

Updated: May 9

Welcome to The Designer's Blog - All About Renovation in Singapore!

The Designers by Ban Yew is the highly specialized design arm of the well-established Ban Yew Group, with over half a century of experience in delivering bespoke designs across the Singapore real estate market, including both residential and commercial projects. Our ideology revolves around breathing energy and creativity into developing interiors that not only impress but also provide practical design solutions for your day-to-day needs.

Some Pictures from recently completed projects!

Our expertise lies in residential and commercial design solutions. Through our team of qualified interior designers, who not only bring to the table unique aesthetic design ideas but match them with a vast understanding of functionality and project management, we deliver a seamless design and renovation journey.

What to expect on our blog?

  • HDB Resale & BTO Renovation Inspirations

  • Condo Renovation Inspirations

  • Design & Colour Inspirations

  • Materials Guide

  • Feng Shui/Vastu Tips & Ideas

  • Expert Advice

  • Home Decor

  • & much much more!

We aim to build this community to solve the concerns & help you renovate with knowledge & in peace.

Stay tuned!

We'll be posting a blog every week, subscribe now on our Blog page to ensure you're updated as soon as one goes up!

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